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Soutra Easter Visits

It was only after the events that I realised how decidedly quixotic was selling books on top of a Scottish Moor in a freezing wind with intermittent hailstorms. But all you need is a group of enthusiasts, and there were plenty of those. Thanks to Dr Brian Moffat who held his audience spellbound for 2 hours each day in these conditions! And thanks to the stalwarts who were still willing to buy books at the end (Border Brothers, historical fiction, located at Soutra).

Friends wanted a photograph of the event. The views from Soutra are amazing when the sun breaks through, and so are the approaching storms at eye-level. But it’s not so easy to take good photographs with no picturesque ruins. All the interesting stuff is underground. This seventeenth century building, Soutra Aisle is a family tomb, made of the stones from the original mediaeval abbey, but not part of that historic place.

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