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Escape to Muck

Early in May, four of us spent a few days in idyllic weather on this tiny island, enjoying the community spirit, the sense of being on the edge of the world, seascapes, skyscapes, moorland and rocks, wildlife; lots to do as well as eat, drink and sleep.

To the right is a picture of  my three companions, with the Sgurr of Eigg in the distance.

Isle of Muck; Wilson, Robin, Morag



We encountered many species of birds, such as this grey heron, and his neighbours the grey seals; and smaller birds such as dunlin and ringed plover.

Muck, grey heron



These baby grey seals were very curious about us, and eagerly slithered and scampered across the seaweed to view us.

Muck grey seals
Muck view of Rum


Exploring the beaches for birdlife, I came across this beautiful, hidden bay giving a wonderful view of Rum with its magnificent and compelling outline. One of Muck's attractions is that it is surrounded by big brothers, feeling protected by these other islands of distinctive features

Muck, sunset


Lastly, a sunset promising good weather for the next day, which alas was the one on which we departed. A brilliant farewell image.

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