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Below you will find a selection of books written by Margaret and links to purchase them. Many of her books are also available for Kindle.

Border Brothers by Margaret Cook

Fergus MacBeath has inherited from his Highland family rare skills as a healer and perhaps other esoteric knowledge. He is rescued from near-fatal injury at Soltre Abbey Hospital, and in time becomes the chief physician there, the medicus. With seeming supernatural abilities, he is regarded among the country people as a saint.

He is a maverick however and defies Church orthodoxy relating sickness to sin, using Soltre's wealth, bequeathed over centuries, for the welfare of the Borders people The lands and possessions are coveted by Church and State, who plot to seize them, but Soltre seems to be immune from their intriguing. Until - Fergus falls disastrously in love. Suddenly the defences of the sanctuary are breached as royal greed and divine paranoia conspire, unleashing savage and unholy violence. Who will survive the wreckage?

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Previous Works

A Slight And Delicate Creature

a sleight and delicate creature by Margaret Cook


The car had just dropped them at the airport's VIP lounge at the start of a holiday away from the pressures of government and the NHS, when Robin Cook, New Labour's first Foreign Secretary, dropped his bombshell. There would be no holiday - The News of the World was about to run a story on the affair between Cook and his secretary.

For a lesson in How Not to Leave your Wife, this takes some beating. A Slight and Delicate Creature - the phrase was Richard Branson's misguided description of Margaret Cook - is the brave, no-holds-barred account of a marriage that suddenly came to a dramatic and very public end.

It is also the memoir of a woman who carved out her own successful career in an increasingly competitive field while continuing to nurture an initially passionate and always loving relationship. It is a compelling portrait of an independent woman that should be required reading for all young women and men.

A Sleight and delicate creature by Margaret Cook


Lords Of Creation

Lords Of Creation by Margaret Cook


Although Margaret Cook had first-hand experience of how power affects a man's behaviour, this book (her second) was NOT about her high-profile politician husband. Her interest was sparked in the overlap between the spheres of politics and medicine by a book written by American psychologists.

'When Illness Strikes the Leader' by Post and Robbins gives a chilling insight into the stereotypic behaviour patterns displayed by powerful people, mostly statesmen, in response to their own declining health and physical frailties. Margaret examined behaviour patterns in a range of famous men and concluded that there are no 'good' and 'bad' leaders. They all develop a distorted perception of self, becoming increasingly self-obsessed as they converge on a pathway to tyranny.

Lords Of Creation by Margaret Cook


A Bit On The Side

A Bit On The Side Margaret Cook


Megan and her family take up horse-riding on holiday in the New Forest, and are soon smitten. They continue their lessons at home in Scotland, meeting Sue, an ambitious, professional horse-woman. Struggling to make ends meet, Sue makes a daring bid to grab Megan's famous TV star husband.

Annabel, a classy lawyer having a mid-life crisis, struggles to doff her respectable married persona and become a scarlet woman, but finds it frustratingly difficult. Other female characters also have problems with their male partners and seek solace with horses instead. This brings them into contact with each other, but those inter-female relationships are not always friendly. Indeed, there is jealousy, rivalry, bitchery and unbridled ambition.

Two characters are locked in a mysterious and ancient rivalry, seemingly based on a steep class gradient, with a whiff of Lady Chatterley emerging.

After the eruption of a delicious public scandal, how will issues be resolved?

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